Smart business consulting company operates and is constantly being renewed through a dynamic procedure with a wide range of services to all fields of the modern business reality. Studies and business planning, as one of the most important sectors of our business activity, concern not only the establishment, the modernization and the development of new activities, the estimation of new markets and the research of investment opportunities, but also the studies of the already existing business & financial activities.

  • Re-engineering of companies
    Studies conduct the companies’ re-engineering, the diagnosis and normalization of distortions, the development of strong points for the improvement of their adaptability to the needs and demands of their customers. Indicatively, we mention below:
    • Studies for business process Re-engineering (B.P.R.)
    • Study Compilation of Business plan
    • Study Compilation of Marketing Plan
    • Study Compilation for sustainability & expediency of Investments
    • Diagnostic control of procedures and organization-performance measurement
    • Evaluation business redemptions-mergers-absorptions
    • Development of investment opportunities definition of resources required & lending programs evaluation from banking and other organizations/institutions.
  • Strategic Planning Studies Compilation
    • Research implementation of new technologies & practices
    • Evaluation of alternative ways and approaches of penetration
    • Selection and coordination of appropriate distribution channels and natural handling of goods and services, etc.
  • Studies for Introduction – Diffusion of Innovations
    Research & implementation of new technologies & practices
  • Production – Cost Controlling Studies
    Study Compilation, Planning effectuation of Production scheduling & costing systems for goods and services.
    Demand’s provisions, Material Market Programming, Total Production Scheduling, Job Controlling, Purchasing Management.
  • Studies for penetration of new products to new markets
    • Alternative ideas’ research for new products (concept testing)
    • Alternative methods’ examination for the penetration – launching of new products to new markets
    • Selection of the appropriate mixture of promoting acts, evaluation & choice of the appropriate distribution channels, etc
  • Researches
    • Marketing Research
    • Consuming Behavior Research
    • Customer Satisfaction Research
    • Brand Image Research

Smart business consulting services refer as much to small enterprises, which are being developed and modernized, as to large companies of the Private sector, as also to constitutions of the Public sector and more, to Public and Community Companies. They aim to help an organization’s management, in order to face current problems more effectively and to schedule better its future activities and needs.


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