Human Resources Management

A specialized collaborator – consultant is being delegated by more and more companies, nowadays, for the procedure of evaluation & selection of executives and staff on their account. Smart business consulting offers the full possibility & sufficiency of knowledge & experience to that procedure. Our collaboration to that level guarantees the best possible placement of an executive or staff to the appropriate job, in order that the management and business targets of both parts to be achieved.

  • Company’s interview for the diagnosis of the needs and the description of the job position
  • Determination of specifications of responsibility positions and connection to the business targets
  • Publishments’ set up & collection of curriculum vitaes
  • Research from a data base and other resources
  • Conduct of interview cycles
  • Suggested executives for the company
  • An evaluation system creation for human resources
  • Evaluation of already existing executives & staff

Business Training

For the better implementation and efficiency of the business training, smart business consulting with a tracking system of training needs focalizes to the specific corporation & it’s real problems, goals & needs, with regards to create an adoptable way & method of introductions.

Indicative seminar topics:

  • Sales’ Ability Development
  • Customer’s contact
  • Negotiation Technics
  • Complaint handling
  • Time management
  • Budgeting
  • Goods and services’ quality in the business
  • Export Training


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